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The ruins of the Orphan Castle

The orphan castle in Pavlovské vršy is the ruin of a Gothic castle built in the 13th century by the Wehingen family. The castle got its name from the Wehingen family, or rather from their family branch of the Orphans, which moved here from Austria. In the past, the castle belonged to other important families, such as the Lichtenštejn and Ditrichštejn families, but it was abandoned and desolate from the 16th century. Since 1958, the ruin has been a protected cultural monument. The ruin is freely accessible to the public throughout the year.

The ruins of Děvičky Castle

The ruins of the Gothic castle Děvičky (or Dívčí hrady) is a dominant feature of the Pálavské vrchy. It is located on a steep rock, inaccessible on three sides, in a protected landscape area and nature reserve. The castle was founded in 1222 and served to protect the country's trade route. The preserved massive ruin offers a beautiful view of the entire surroundings from the openings through the windows and loopholes. The castle got its name from the legend that the three cliffs in front of the castle are actually petrified girls. There are many stories about their origin, but they are united in the fact that on a quiet night it is possible to hear a soft lament from these stones.

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The ruins of Falkenstein Castle in Austria is another nearby historical site worth a trip to the area. The original castle was built around 1050 as an imperial fortress. It is currently open to the public and various events such as knight tournaments, theater and concerts take place here in the summer. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and tours, see here: .zde.

Lednice-Valtice area

The Lednice-Valtice area is on the UNESCO list. It is a large area that is completely unique in terms of its area and monuments. It consists of various Baroque and Neo-Gothic monuments, ponds and parks. The photo shows the Neo-Gothic Lednice castle set in the surroundings of French gardens. Visitors can choose from several variants of sightseeing routes. You can read more at the following link .odkaze

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Visit many interesting sights in the wonderful town of Mikulov.

Mikulov Castle

The former Liechtenstein and later Dietrichstein castle, standing on a prominent rock cliff, has been an unmissable landmark of Mikulov for several centuries. You can read about the history and attractions on the website of the city of Mikulov here:  zde.

There you will also find information about opening hours and entrance fees: otevírací době a vstupné.

The ruins of Kozí hradek

Kozí hradek belongs to one of the three rocky landmarks of the city of Mikulov. After recent landscaping, this location has become a suitable freely accessible recreation center. You can read a little about the history on the website of the city of Mikulov, where you can also find information about admission and opening hours: informace o vstupném a otevírací době.

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Holy hill

The Holy Hill is an important pilgrimage site on the hill directly above the historical center of Mikulov. At its top is the chapel of St. Sebastian, the bell tower and the chapel of the Holy Sepulcher, complete with chapels of the Way of the Cross. From its top, as well as from the way of the cross that leads to it, there are beautiful views of the city and the surrounding countryside. 


If you are going to visit Mikulov and are looking for more tips, visit the website of the city of Mikulov - here: zde

For attractions in the area

If you are not interested in history and monuments, we recommend going to Mandloňový sad and the lookout tower near Hustopečí, or visiting the lavender farm in Starovičky. 

Almond Orchard

Go on a trip to Mandloňová sad near Hustopečí and be sure to stop at the Mandloňová cafe on the way! You can enjoy almond delicacies in the Mandlová kávárná aka Mandlárna. When you visit, you must not miss the legendary Hustopeč almond liqueur. You can find the cafe at the address Na Úvoze 2 directly in Hustopeče - check the opening hours here .

Lavender Farm 

The lavender farm in Starovičky is not to be missed if you like lavender. Over 40,000 lavender bushes are grown here in a natural way, without chemical treatment. If you are going to visit the lavender farm and are looking for more information, check out this link to their official site.