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We are currently planting a vineyard in Perná!

In the heart of Pálava in the village of Perná, we are currently planting a vineyard and taking further steps to develop our wine and accommodation capacities in South Moravia.

Three years ago, we acquired a vineyard in need of significant restoration. Recognizing its potential, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation project. This effort includes uprooting old bushes, deep plowing, fertilization, and the introduction of essential minerals to enhance soil quality and cultivation practices. Our objective is to expand the vineyard's capacity and ensure it thrives, transforming our passion into a flourishing vineyard that brings joy to many.

A crucial aspect of this project was the careful selection of grape varieties. We have planted 12,000 seedlings, including Pálava, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Riesling Vlasský. Pálava and Riesling Vlasský are particularly well-suited to this region, with Pálava being indigenous to Perná. Pinot Gris, a mutation of Pinot Noir, was chosen for its distinctive gray-purple hue, imparted by anthocyanin pigments in the grapes. During maceration, this pigment gives the mash a tomato soup color, and post-fermentation, the wine takes on an orange hue, indicating a unique taste profile.

In addition to the new vineyard, we are revitalizing an older vineyard in Perná, home to 25-year-old Tramín and Chardonnay vines. Last year, we introduced 4,500 new seedlings among the established vines. This delicate process requires manual transplanting, as older vineyards typically resist the introduction of new plants. Despite these challenges, we are optimistic that the new seedlings will thrive and we anticipate the first grape harvest from these vines next year. 

Investing in vineyards is a long-term commitment. The initial harvest from a new vineyard is expected in no less than two years, with the highest quality grapes emerging over the next 10 to 20 years. We are confident that our dedication and hard work will yield exceptional wines and bring the satisfaction of a job well done.

Betting takes place using a tractor that is controlled via GPS. It has entered exact data on the required width of the rows and the distance between the seedlings and, via the hydraulic planting mechanism, it precisely sets the required spacing. Thanks to this, betting is very accurate.

If you are interested, you can click through to the video of how such a bet takes place.