Restaurants Nearby


Greek Bistro Nové Mlýny

Greek Bistro is a popular food truck located a stone's throw from the Nové Mlýny reservoir. This is a small stand with outdoor seating where you can taste real Greek cuisine prepared directly by a lady from Greece. You can see the overview of the offer - here: zde

Café Fara

Café Fara in Klentnice offers pleasant outdoor seating in beautiful surroundings. If you are looking for a place in Klentnice for a good lunch and coffee, you will be in the right place. You can take a look at their website - here: zde.

Cafe Stop

Café Zastávka is located directly in the building of the bus stop in Pasohlávky. For example, you can have a choice of coffee, ice cream, cake or lemonade to refresh yourself. They are open every weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Better to take a look at their Facebook page or Instagram, where the opening hours are updated.

Březácky SUP minibrewery

If you've had your fill of wine, go to the Březácký SUP minibrewery in Březí for their top-fermented beers and specials. It is the smallest brewery in the Czech Republic. Check out the entire range on their website here: zde.

Pension Pastuska

In Brod nad Dyjí, you can enjoy a daily menu of meals, soups, and homemade cakes at the Pastuška guesthouse. Here you can refresh yourself with beer, lemonade and, of course, wine. Opening hours are different for each month, so check this link directly to see if they are open: odkaz,

 Velké Pavlovice wine breeding station

Come to Restaurant André! As the name suggests, it was here that the André grape variety was bred. It's guaranteed to be a good experience - check out their site at this link for more information here: odkazu.

Dolní Dunajovice

 Restaurant Prague

Restaurant Praha right in the center of Dolní Dunajovice is an ideal place to enjoy home-made Czech cuisine. You can choose from the daily menu here every day. More info here: zde.

Bistro Marcel - food truck

An orange food truck that is open regularly, especially on weekends and when the weather permits. Check out the website here for more info on the whole concept and on their Facebook page for current opening hours.

 Kroupa cheese shop

You can visit the Syrárna Kroupa shop right in Dolní Dunajovice. You can buy both cheeses and many other goodies here. If you want to take a look at the assortment in advance, take a look at their website, where, among other things, you can also check the opening hours here: zde.


Klimeš dairy

In Syrárna Klimeš, you can not only buy cheese from Mr. Klimeš, but also go out for good food. You can find it in the center of Mikulov right next to Pedro's Streetfood, a short distance from the Lednické Castle.

 Bistro Portz Insel

On the main cycle path between Mikulov and Valtice is the Portz Insel summer house connected to the VINO CIBULKA winery. Here you can taste their wine, order some snacks to go with it, and possibly book a tasting. Check out their site here: zde.

Bistro Drogerka

Square 23, Mikulov

You can't go wrong if you come here for breakfast, lunch or just a glass of wine. The entire menu, including the food and wine list, can be found here . They are open every day from nine to nine, and on Fridays and Saturdays the opening hours are extended by an hour until ten: zde

Bistro Sojka & spol

A family restaurant and shop right in the center of Mikulov will tempt you with its breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. In addition, you can buy goodies at the farm shop. They are open every day from nine to nine.

 Pedro`s Streetfood

Pedro`s Streetfood Bistro is famous for its excellent burgers, hot dogs and street food. It is located right in the center of Mikulov, about 100m from Lednické Castle. You can read more about their concept on their website here: zde.


The wine bar and restaurant KOREK is a company behind the association of winemakers from the Dunajovské hills and you will discover it in the center of Mikulov. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can come here at any time. The menu includes a wide selection of wines. Learn more here: zde.


 Zlatá terasa restaurant

You will come across the Zlatá terasa restaurant right in the castle grounds of Valtice. Take a look at their menu here: zde.

 Valgelato ice cream parlor

Famous ice cream in Valtice, which is made from farm milk and cream and seasonal fruit. More info here: zde.

 Restaurant Albero

In the center of Valtic, the Albero restaurant also offers a daily menu, which you can find on their Instagram or Facebook. You can find more information and the exact address here: zde.

 Feldsberg Brewery and Restaurant

The Feldsberg brewery and restaurant offers a lunch menu every day, and you can read the opening hours, menu and other information at this link: odkazu.


Almond cafe in Hustopeče

In Mandlová kávárna aka Mandlárna you can enjoy all kinds of sweet and salty almond delicacies. When you visit, you must not miss the legendary Hustopeč almond liqueur. You can find the cafe at the address Na Úvoze 2 directly in Hustopeče, how to get there and what good things you can eat in Mandlárn can be found here: zde.

 Restaurant U Halmů

In the U Halmů restaurant, you can enjoy lunch both from the permanent menu and from the daily menu. The published lunch menu for each day can be found on the restaurant's website at this link here: odkazu.

Restaurant Amanda

Just a few steps from Hustopeč square you will find the Amande restaurant at the address Husova 8. See the wide range of dishes and opening hours here: zde.