Walking tours


The walk to the ruins of Sirotčí hrádek is a 1.9 km long route that even the little ones can handle. The route starts from the Klentnice bus stop, near the pond (there is also a parking lot nearby). Head along the green path towards the Orphan Castle - saddle, and from the saddle the yellow hiking trail will lead you to the ruins - see map above. If the route is not long enough for you, you can extend the trip and make a circuit around the Tabulova mountain on the way back! 

At 550 meters above sea level, Děvín is the highest peak of the Pavlovské vrchy and at the same time a national nature reserve and the core area of ​​the Pálava PLA and the Dolní Morava BR. The limestone peak of Děvín, together with the ruins of Děvička Castle, is a dominant feature of Pálava and the whole of Lower Moravia. The route marked above is 6.3 km long, but you can extend or shorten it as needed. The second option is to start the circuit in Pavlov and follow the green tourist signs to the top.

At the same time , the Děvín educational trail with a total length of 11 km and 15 stops also leads here . It informs, for example, about the fauna and flora of Pálava, its geological structure, the hospitality of the landscape or the care of protected areas.

The Věstonická reservoir educational trail leads around the Middle reservoir of the Nové Mlýny waterworks. At a total of 6 sites, it informs you about the birds and fish of the Novomlýn reservoirs and the restoration of the floodplain landscape. The route is 12 km long in total.

The Valtice wine trail is a circuit 5.8 km long and starts at the Valtice square, from where it leads through the castle grounds, the Valtice vineyards and ends again in the historic center of the town. There are 19 information panels on the route.

Excursion in Dolní Dunajovic

If you would like to get to know the immediate surroundings of Dolní Dunajovice, go for a walk in the Dunajovické kopce national natural monument along the Dunajovická kopce educational trail . You can find the route here . From the highest peak of the Dunajovice hills, from Velká Slunečná (286m), there is also a unique view of the opposite panorama of Pálava. On several islands among the vineyards, rare steppe vegetation is preserved, with low almond, tartar tartar, white tricot and low iris. A breeding ground for many species of songbirds. The 107 ha area is a national natural monument.

The route of the Dunajovické kopce educational trail also leads in front of Růžová hora (282m), which lies on the elongated ridge of the Dunajovické vrchy. The dominant black poplar, which turns off at its top, draws attention to it from afar. From here, a unique view of the wide surroundings opens up. The most interesting view is towards the east towards the dominant ridge of the Pavlovské vrchy with the prominent elevations of Děvín s Kotel and Stolové hory. To the north, there is a view of the continuation of the main ridge and behind it in the distance the glittering level of the Novomlýn reservoirs. Looking to the south, the pyramid-shaped peak of Velká Slunečná rises in the foreground, the Liščí kopec rises behind it, and Mikulov Castle with the Holy Hill appears between them.